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Powered by Injinji’s 5 Toe Fit System™ and featuring a lower leg graduated compression design, you’ll experience the ultimate in enhanced circulation and recovery. The Compression can be worn before, during or after your activity to reduce swelling and revive your feet and lower legs. The 5 toe design offers unmatched blister protection and toe mobility, further increasing the blood flow which is critical for better health and comfort.

  • Natural Toe Splay

  • Blister Prevention

  • Superior Moisture Management

  • Minimizes muscle soreness

  • Enhances Circulation

  • Promotes healing

  • True left and right anatomical design for proper fit

  • Better gripping and balance inside shoe

  • Toe mobility which allows stronger, healthier feet


  • Graduated compression design

  • Mesh top for maximum breathability

  • Arch support for secure and stable fit

  • Superior fiber construction wicks sweat to keep feet dry and comfortable

  • Enhanced cuff with increased compression holds sock in place

  • Anatomical left and right foot design enhances fit

  • 5 Toe Fit System™ Technology

I call these my magic socks. Seriously. I do.


I am prone to blisters and hot spots any time I hike. It doesn’t matter how easy the hike is or how dry my feet are. I will get blisters and they hurt. At first I blamed my shoes. All 20 of them. What in the world was wrong with all of these expensive shoes?! Then I tried sock liners. Still didn’t work. I tried blister pads and anything else I could find to stick to my feet. Nothing was working.

Injinji Compression socks

A few months ago I signed up to do the Tough Mudder. I was getting ready to gear up for the event and read that the Injinji compression socks were the way to go. First, I hate toe socks (or so I thought). Second, I hate things that cling to me (like compression gear).  Third, these socks cost $50. Say what?! I know. But I bought them anyway because I will do anything to avoid blisters on my feet.


I ordered the socks via Amazon and they arrived within a few days. I was really excited to try these odd socks for so many reasons. Were they going to live up to all of the hype? There was no way. I decided to put them on for a pretty gnarly hike in my neighborhood. Note: if you’re going to be wearing these socks, give yourself an extra ten minutes to get to your destination. They take a while to get on!


First thing I noticed was the comfort. They felt great on my feet and the separate toes didn’t bother me one bit. Up and down the steep hills I went for two hours. I ran in them, got dirt on them, sweat in them and came home; I stripped them off of my pain-free feet and carefully inspected my sensitive paws. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Not one hot spot or blister. My feet were happy as a clam! Woo hoo! Finally! Best $50 I’ve ever spent.


Well, not yet. The real test would be in the Tough Mudder. How well would these socks hold up in the muddy, wet conditions? I’m very happy to report that the title of magic socks still holds true. Still the best $50 ever spent. Not one cramp in my legs (which is a statement because tons of people around me had calf cramps) and my feet were just the way they were before I had started. Fresh and clean.


Thank you Injinji, for your magic socks. I now own all of your running socks and have found them to be the very best of the best. My toes and the rest of my feet thank you, too.
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