With our busy training schedule posting has been pretty difficult, so here’s a quick post on our sponsor. We were enjoying some delicious ice ‘cream’ on our last re-feed day before carbing up (2 weeks out!!), and I thought I’d take the opportunity to thank Plant Fusion for all their support in helping us and the rest of thePlantBuilt Team prepare for this major event. Plant Fusion has supplied us with great protein to help us train hard, and it tastes great so we sometimes use it as an additive to one of our favorite treats – banana ice cream! They will be at theNaturally Fit Supershow with our team representing plant based nutrition, so if you’re at the show come by our booth and you can meet the athletes and try some samples too!

Protein Ice Cream!

Chocolate Banana Protein “Ice Cream”

  • 4-5 Ripe organic bananas, frozen solid
  • 1-2 Scoops Chocolate or Vanilla Plant Fusion
  • A few drops vanilla extract
  • splash of soymilk


Blend in a Vitamix or other powerful blender until just blended, then serve immediately. Tastes like delicious soft serve ice cream and it’s a fat free vitamin-packed protein-y ice cream!


And here’s a pick of me, 3 weeks out just for the fun of it! :

Back Double Bi!

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