A treadmill for serious runners. Pro Form Boston Marathon Treadmill

Treadmill Review: A remote control makes it a breeze to adjust speed on the official treadmill of the Boston Marathon.

Price: $3,999

Still hoping to meet the strict qualifying standards of the Boston Marathon? Then step up your training with the official treadmill of the historic race. From its sleek profile to “speed ring” remote control, this machine is ideally suited for fast-paced training. For example, the finger-mounted remote control eliminates any wild stabbing at up/down arrows when doing an interval workout.

description-cadenceInstead, a simple click of your thumb on the ring’s buttons adjusts the machine’s belt speed via Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection. At any speed, the machine’s cadence sensor can help you improve your running form; the treadmill recognizes each footstrike on the belt and will make suggestions on how to improve your leg turnover. Already qualified and wanting to be totally prepared? Simulate race day by virtually running segments of the course using the integrated 10-inch tablet and high-definition course videos. The incline adjusts automatically to match the course’s terrain; its 20 percent is steeper than the famed Heartbreak Hill.

Belt Size: 20″W x 62″L
Speed/Incline: 0-15 mph/ -6% to 20%
Programs: High-defintion course videos
Warranty: Frame/Motor: Lifetime; Parts: 6 years; Labor: 3 year

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