Body-Solid EXM-1500S

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  • Excellent value
  • Sturdy construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Smooth operation
  • Limited resistance
  • Somewhat lengthy assembly

The Body-Solid EXM-1500S draws praise for its solid build and the company’s excellent customer service. Users say it’s easy to assemble with some prep work, and the pulleys offer smooth, solid operation. Unfortunately, the 160-pound weight stack isn’t enough to challenge experienced exercisers.


A mid-range assembly time. We found a few complaints that the Body-Solid EXM-1500S can be a real headache to set up, but many more reviewers say it’s nothing excessive as long as you take the time to sort all the parts out before you get started. The good news is the assembly instructions are great; the high-quality parts fit together easily, and they even arrive well packaged. Still, judging from user comments, you should plan on four to six hours of assembly time.

One user suggests using two 17-mm ratchets and some larger crescent wrenches for the easiest assembly.


Beginner appeal. The Body-Solid EXM-1500S’s pulley system is extremely smooth, quiet and easy to use. “No jerking whatsoever,” writes one Amazon user. “Using the machine is a dream, it’s smooth and silent,” confirms another.

The 160-pound weight stack is adequate for beginners, but advanced users will find themselves wishing for more resistance. Also, a few comments from customers hint that taller people might feel cramped. “This machine is NOT for a person who is above average size. When you sit in the seat to do pulldowns there is not a whole lot of room,” explains an Amazon reviewer.


Two thumbs up. We found nothing but positive feedback about Body-Solid’s customer service — a refreshing change from the complaints that many other manufacturers receive. “Can’t praise them too highly,” writes one reviewer at “It’s very easy to get replacement parts if they break or wear out,” says another.

Paul Rogers,’s guide to weight training, praises the EXM-1500S as a “great, solid mid-range home gym.” It also draws praise from for its build quality, and the lifetime warranty speaks volumes about the manufacturer’s confidence in its product.

Jeff Wolfram

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