Nike Fuel Band.

Nike Fuel Band.
Colors offered -
Sizes S.M.L,XL
Water Resistent Yes
Sleep Tracker No
Price $110 - $150
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The Nike Fuelband is an activity tracking tool to help improve your overall fitness in your daily activities.  The Fuelband monitors total steps taken, total calories burned and an overall Fuel number for each day. 

The Fuelband is designed in the manner of popular motivational rubber wrist bands but has a clasp so that it’s easy to wear and remove.  The band comes in four colors; Volt, Pink Foil, Total Crimson and Black.  Two sizes are available of the band and inserts are available to adjust the size for a better overall fit.

The Fuelband is easily started simply by plugging it into a computer.  The clasp for the band doubles as a regular USB port or a separate connector is available if you prefer not to plug the bracelet directly into the computer.   After you have connected your band to your computer you will receive a prompt to download the Nikeplus software.  Once the installation is complete it will walk you through entering you age, weight, height and overall fitness goals.  During the setup process you can also sync your Fuelband with your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, this will allow you to track your progress on the go rather than having to stop and connect to your computer.  The software also has a feature where you can share your results with your friends, family or workout partner to help encourage everyone to meet their fitness goals.

The last step of the setup process you will need to charge the Fuelband to full which takes approximately 3-4 hours.  Once the band is charged then you are ready to go.

The band can be worn during all types of activities from dancing, running and weight-lifting.  The band is water resistant so it can be worn in the rain without worry.

The Fuelband is an easy tool to use with a multi-color LED display and a single button interface.  One press of the button will scroll through a variety of options including Fuel, Calories, Steps and Time.    This information scrolls across the display so that you can read each bit of information.  The display is also color coded to provide a status towards your daily goal.

There are two sizes of batteries on the Fuelband.  The medium has a 70mAh battery and the small version comes with a 50mAh battery both should last up to 4 days.  Battery level can be checked by plugging in to a computer.

Is it worth it? Well that all depends. If  you are looking for something to accurately track your workouts, then no it is not. If you are just looking for something to give you extra motivation and to have a little fun with socially, then maybe yes.


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