Jawbone UP band: Sleeping, eating and moving has never been so interesting

Jawbone UP band: Sleeping, eating and moving has never been so interesting
Colors offered Onyx, Mint Green, Blue, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Hunter Green
Sizes S, M, L
Water Resistent Yes
Sleep Tracker Yes
Price $129.00
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The Jawbone UP Band is a uniquely engineered tool designed to seamlessly incorporate fitness and health data monitoring into your everyday life.  When used in conjunction with the app it helps provide an overall view of your living habits including activity levels, quality of sleep and by using the online app you can track moods and the foods that you eat.  By compiling all this data the UP band and app combination can provide helpful hints and insights for healthier living.  The app also allows you to connect with friends and family to establish a healthy living community where you can compare results and see how others are doing.

The UP band is an innovatively designed computer you can wear on your wrist that tracks all your activities throughout the day including both sleep and waking hours.  While you are asleep it monitors the time spent in different sleep phases and you can program this handy tool to wake you at the optimum point in your sleep cycle.  When you time your waking to your sleep cycles you will wake up the most refreshed possible ready to begin your day.  During the daytime the UP Band monitors both activity levels and the intensity of each activity through a precise/sensitive motion sensor.   Alerts are available if you have been idle for too long which remind you to get up and move.

The band comes in three sizes and a variety of colors which allow you to wear the band comfortably during work, play and even sleeping.   Online sizing instructions will help you to pick the correct size for optimum fit and minimum interference.   There are no buckles or straps to be concerned with on the UP band, it holds on via an adjustable band.  Color selections range from black, blues and greys to red, yellow and green.   The UP band is waterproof and can be worn during showering and there is no need to fear a rainstorm if you are out running.  It is durable enough to stay on even during strenuous contact sports and all types of activities.  The band is easily cleaned by wiping it down with alcohol. 

The UP band is easy to use with a single push-button interface, LED indicators and a vibrating motor for alarm notifications.  It comes with a lithium-ion polymer battery that has a 10-day battery life.  The long battery life allows you to continuously track your life data without running out of power.  Recharging takes only 80 minutes using a simple USB connection.  Syncing your data with the app is done simply via a USB connection.

The Jawbone UP band is available both online from the Jawbone store or a many other authorized retailers. 


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