Insanity Workout. Is it for you?

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Insanity Workout

The Insanity workout is a workout designed by trainer Shaun T that promises dramatic results in 60 days by following the entire program.  It is geared towards those crazy few people who are brave enough to try an intense body work out that leaves you drenched in sweat after 45 minutes of exercise.

The basis of the Insanity training program is Max Interval Training.  Max Interval Training keeps the body working at maximum capacity throughout the entire work out only taking breaks long enough to catch your breath.  This intensity is what really drives changes in your fitness level by never allowing your body to adapt to the work and constantly pushing the limits of your capabilities.insanity workout

The Insanity workout program comes with 10 DVDs including 5 Max Interval workouts for Month One.  These workouts include plyometrics for legs and glutes, upper body resistance workout, pure cardio workout, cardio and abs workout and a recovery workout for a break at the end of the week.  In Month Two additional workouts are added to the program.  These workouts include Max Interval Circuit, Max Interval Plyo, Max Cardio Conditioning and a Max Recovery strength building.  The workouts do not require supporting equipment, they use the weight of your own body in the conditioning program to get the max results.

The program provides tools to get you started on the 60 day program.  First is a Quick Start Guide to give an overview of what the program will do.  Second is a 60-Day Wall Calendar which guides you through which workout to do each day.  Third is a nutrition plan with 60 days’ worth of recipes to help fuel your body during this intense period of training.  Bonus Workouts are available with some packages and these include a Core Cardio & Balance to help you move more like an athlete and a Fit Test that lets you track your 60 day transformation.

The Insanity workout program also tries to motivate people to complete the program and offers an “I Earned It” T-shirt to those who send pictures before and after the 60 days of the program showing their own transformation.

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